"I’m not sure what it is about her photography that is so unusual--perhaps it reflects her quality of unobtrusiveness and a non-judgmental approach--but I am often reminded of Mary Ellen Mark’s photographs. She will go far... and it would be a good thing for the medium to help her."
Robert Arndt, Editor
Aramco World Magazine, The Netherlands

" You obviously have more than a little talent…your work is of interest because so little of this kind and quality appears here."
Barbara Millstein, Curator of Photographs,
Brooklyn Museum, NY

" Wendy is a great narrative photographer who can spin a tale without ever showing a person. She is distinguished pictorially by a keen appreciation for the interplay of primary colors."
Kathy Ryan, Photo Editor
New York Times Sunday Magazine, NY

" Her pictures are quite poignant. Donna Ferrato has documented this subject, but in the United States. London is so different. I didn’t think it possible here. Very impressive."
Colin Jacobson, Picture Editor
The Independent Magazine, London

" You did a very good job in the work I saw in The Independent. That’s an important subject and you did it well… Keep up the good work."
William Albert Allard
National Geographic Staff Photographer

" Your feature in Aramco World was quite strong. It has continued to be a good magazine for years, so being published there certainly gets your work into a lot of great places! I sent your slides on to Tom Kennedy at The Geographic as I wanted him to see some of your recent work."
Rich Clarkson
Former National Geographic Picture Editor

" I think you should make a list of all your Saudi Arabia material by subject and send it on to me. I look forward to hearing from you."
Benjamin J. Chapnick
Black Star, NY

" Wendy’s incredible strength is with people, first gaining their trust, then capturing insightful and compelling images."
Beverly Conley
London Photographer